TG Forge provides exceptional service in a broad range of equine hoof care.  We serve clients in the greater Bluegrass area, including Fayette, Jessamine, Woodford, Bourbon, Scott Counties, and more.  Our professional services include:


Hoof maintenance begins with a well-balanced trim. Aspects of our trim include: trimming for symmetry, building in a pasture roll, and pulling feet forward to dress down any flares. A horse, whether barefoot or shod, achieves his greatest potential with a healthy, well-trimmed, balanced foot.

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We offer both hot and cold shoeing to fit the needs of our diverse clientele. Our shoeing , whether it is for upper level sport horses, trail and pleasure horses, or sale shoeing for thoroughbreds, is finely crafted to help achieve a well balanced horse. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, applying a properly shaped shoe to a correctly balanced hoof.

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We offer many therapeutic shoeing options, including an array of glue on shoes, to help restore your equine’s foot to its optimal health. We partner with your veterinarian to find a shoeing prescription that fits every need and budget. It is a source of pride, and one of our greatest pleasures as farriers, to be part of the process of restoring soundness to our equine friends.

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